If you live in DC, you should probably visit the Hillwood at some point

The Hillwhat, now?

The Hillwood. It’s one of Washington DC’s least-known museums. Probably because it’s hard to get to: tucked away in the upper northwest Van Ness/Chevy Chase neighborhood (word associations: Mike Pence, Pizzagate), it is a metro transfer, a bus transfer and then a 15-minute walk from where I live. (Although on my way home I decided to call a Lyft because fuck it, I wasn’t getting heat cramps again.) Continue reading

‘Kindly revert’ and other email quirks

I have started a new blog.

In this first post, I would like to discuss a topic that is fascinating to me: emails, and the way we write them. I am just coming off two-plus years working at a large intergovernmental organization (DC speak: IGO) where only about 20 percent of the staff was from North America. As I transition into my new job at a small nonprofit that consists mainly of Americans, I am noticing certain phrases, quirks and patterns in my email style that were shaped not only by my years at the IGO, but also by the various bosses, interviewers, and other individuals I’ve come in contact with during my professional career. It is worth reflecting on a few of them, below: Continue reading