Things that make life more bearable #3: grocery carts


I caved and bought a grocery cart!

On Amazon it is known as the Trolley Dolly. I got the red version, which was surprisingly cute and affordable. I have only taken it on one trip to Safeway, but so far it has proven itself to be a trusty little helper.

I have given it a prime parking space in my apartment.


Things that make life more bearable #2: tea soaks

Oleg Guijinsky

I can’t remember where I read this originally, but here’s a cure for aching legs and throbbing feet: tea soaks.


  • One large plastic wash basin
  • Cheap tea leaves (I use jasmine)

The steps are simple:

  1. Scoop a generous handful of tea leaves into the basin.
  2. Run tap water until it’s scalding hot and fill up the basin, or just fill it up with boiled water.
  3. Wait for the water to cool slightly — only slightly — while it soaks up the tea leaves.
  4. Place feet inside basin and sit there, occasionally flexing your toes, until you feel better. (This is most convenient when done inside a bathtub.)

Alternatively, you can also buy these ‘resting time neat foot’ patches¬†from Amazon, which I discovered on my trip to Japan last year. But the tea soak thing feels more therapeutic.

Things that make life more bearable #1: bamboo sheets

New series!

Life is hard. Like so hard. Why not spend money on some little things that will make it feel, at least momentarily, as though your head weren’t mere inches above the deep dark water?

#1 in this series: bamboo sheets. Asian kids knows what I’m talking about. Your air conditioning probably sucked in your house growing up, or your parents never bothered to crank it up all the way, same difference. Which is why bamboo sheets on your bed will make all the difference in the world.

This is the kind you want:


This is the kind you do not want, because your skin ends up pinched by the crevices:


I live in a rowhouse that’s nearly 100 years old (there’s a staircase in the back that was purportedly built for servants), and there is always something wrong with the HVAC. For the past month, it has been releasing a steady¬†drip drip drip of water through the second floor ceiling, filling up a bucket each day and making my roommate’s life very hard. As a result, we’ve been keeping the AC low (high?), hovering at around 78-82 degrees.

If I didn’t have a fan and a magical bamboo sheet and pillow set that my parents had sent me, I probably would have passed away in my sleep some time in June. But it is now July and I am still alive. All hail bamboo sheets.