Asian grocery haul and trip to the secondhand store

I made my quarterly trek to what I call the ‘Asian corner’ in Falls Church today: Great Wall Supermarket for Chinese groceries, then H-mart for a jar of kimchi. They’re about a mile from the closest metro station, but the walk makes for good exercise.

L to R: Shanghai and Canton zongzi, jar of ja cai (spicy pickled veggies), sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, kimchi, celeries, thin noodles, green pepper, white turnip, ‘milk’ bok choy

I also stopped by the secondhand store next to Great Wall to see if they had any useful junk on the shelves. And boy, did they! The vast majority of that massive store is clothing, but that’s where I draw the line in terms of buying secondhand. Instead, I picked up a $5 iron (which I have no idea whether it works or not, fingers crossed), a baking sheet, a towel for the purpose of scrubbing floors, and a set of 7 wooden bowls.


I carried all of this in a backpack and a giant tote. You can’t do this without feeling like a very overworked pack mule. So I am thinking about getting a folding grocery cart, even though they seem kind of lame and are only used by little old ladies.


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